Sustainable fashion is our commitment.


Our bags are made from ultra-resistant materials, so they last years! Our first customers of the year of creation Vent de Voyage, in 2000, use their bags again! The sails we use for our products have been designed to advance boats of several tons by all types of winds. They resist storms. Transformed into bags by our workshop, they resist the use of everyday life, accompany you for a long time.


Fabrication takes place in the Country of Saint-Malo! Our garment workshop is located in Dinard, where our 5 couturières give life to the veils by their eyes, the care they give them to clean them, rejuvenate their colors, analyze the parts usable or not, imagine the models. Each stitch of their machine is guided by their hands that drag the canvas under their sharp eye. Each stitch on the leather handles is made with the strength of the wrist, at the very risk of stinging!


Pioneer of sails made of recycled sail canvas, our brand Vent de Voyage inspired the practices of sailors, pioneers of overcycling and recycling! The fishermen have always had the habit of reusing the material to brew their boat and cope with all the damages. A shredded veil was reused to cut a varous, a drap or u n pants. Our principle of upcycling allows us to reuse the material of the sails (polyester, carbon,...) without even recycling it! Apart from simple veil cleaning, we do not make expensive treatment in energy and water. The goal is not to whiten the veil but to remove the tasks. The art will be to dress the bag to camouflage any defects that would still be present.


Within our team, the seams form one another. They convey their passion, their know-how and the sense of precision. They are currently a apprentice. This contributes to the revalorization of manual jobs in France, to the light of crafts.


Ultra local manufacturing is a real choice and a real company project! Contribute to the jobs of our place of life, in the region that inspired the creation of Vent de Voyage, this is a motivation every day. And yet, this is not the most economic choice!

Indeed, French manufacture implies that a very significant part of the price of our products is dedicated to paying precisely the work done, and to paying our taxes and taxes in France. The result? People who manufacture products Vent de Voyage are protected by French law (protection of health, safety, labour law, legislation on materials authorized in France), and we contribute to bringing our country economically. For tomorrow, for our children.


The short circuit is also the avoidance of long journeys from matter and products to the place of production. We collect sails in Brittany mainly, we manufacture in Brittany, we sell the majority of our creations in our shops. Some of our customers are in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany or even Hong Kong. Our bags can take back the sea sometimes in the 4 corners of the world!