Sailing canvases, tips and leather, main raw materials at the origin of Vent de Voyage !


We use several types of canvases:


The white dacron veil is a classic. When she sailed, she brings flexibility to the bag. Its white hue can vary depending on the life it led on board: white to creamy white. Sometimes some defects, addicts or appetizers may appear, which is why we regularly dress our bags with a number, a band, a detail to hide this detail. However, there may be some details, which are part of the history of matter, which will accompany you, will make you travel as a laugh!

Technical veils.
These sails come directly from racing boats. Designed to resist the greatest weather, with storms of the South Sea, these sails are from industrial research, are kevlar and carbon mixtures. Very structured, with more or less thin and cut lines, they remind us of the architecture of cities, buildings. This material is particularly suitable for our chandeliers and lamps-days, which are doubled with polyphane, infused material. A collection of bags, Cities, is also dedicated to them.

Spi and light veils: these sails are rare and we cherish them for their colors, the crystal of windsurfing. The multiplicity of colors and types of canvases represent a real challenge for the cutting stage, in order to highlight these new veils.

All these sails are collected in France, mainly in the Channel because of the geographical position of St Malo. In the past, Yann and his son (also skipper and team-mate) brought him back from the Mediterranean. Wherever you come from, the main thing is to recycle!


Our partnerships with sails and manufacturers allow us to work sails that were intended to be destroyed, either because they were manufacturing falls, or because they were not exactly perfect to become sailing sails. Some of you prefer this type of veil for their more assertive whiteness for dacron sails, and for the wear of the bag that is less flexible.

New veils
The Canvas (the veil of the old riggings) and the Spi for some colors lend themselves less to the upcycling, because they are canvases that are either more fragile or rarer. We work with new canvases to complete our collections. The canvas is made in England and new fabrics come from Germany. Again, we try to stay close to our place of manufacture without having to cross Europe or the planet!

The Batyline
In 2021 we built an ephemeral capsule collection with the Fermob canvas. This specialist in outdoor furniture kept his fall in the production of sunbeds. We welcomed this material to overcycle it! It is of course not a veil, but the work is the same. The suppleness of this material has been associated with very flexible and comfortable tips for the market or beach cabas.


Every day we look for new raw materials, to continue according to our DNA, to create, innovate, to offer our customers new products, but also to have fun, enrich our creativity, apply our passion to other areas.

Our leather parts come from stock of leather shop drops. This is why the colors can vary slightly. We are accompanied by the Technical Center of Leather for the valorization of this beautiful material. The cutting of the leathers is a sensitive step because to be stitched by hand on our tips, they should not be too thick or too thin.

The ends
The ends are the ropes used on boats, light sailing boats, sail tanks ... to hoist, starve, put sails. They're hollow or full. The finishing quality we give to these ends is very important because the handle of the bag is a key element to have a beautiful object, a pleasant carry, durability in time. The choice is almost always on new tips because on a boat, the tips are subjected to severe strain between the tireless frictions, the salt of the sea, the sun .. On the other hand, those who have remained well camouflaged in the veil are reused for our glasses case, our keychains .

The rope with which we work is centenary and is located in Normandy. The quality of the weaving and threads used is essential in order to obtain the desired weaving for our bags. And believe us it is not so easy!