Local manufacturing! All our creations are made in our new workshop in Dinard, in the country of Saint-Malo, in Brittany, France.

100% French fabric for recycled sail collections Vent de Voyage, as well as all custom or custom creations.

New ! Guided tour of the new ATELIER vent de voyage

Summer 2023, Vent de Voyage opens the doors of its new manufacturing workshop for a free guided tour, in order to discover its craftsmanship expertise that launched the idea of sack bags and bags recycled in France in Saint-Malo. Each product is unique, its personality is revealed by the quality and solidity of the finishes derived from the techniques of the mackerel, sails, marine saddlery and leather goods.

Meet and admire the dexterity of the sewing machine team’s sewing machine, cutting, handling of the rule and cutter, scissors, needle, etc The hand is present in each action, helped by the tool. This is what makes the high quality finish Vent de Voyage.

Made-to-measure, in store in Saint-Malo or Dinard

In Dinard and Saint-Malo boutiques, we imagine with you all your custom and custom orders de leather goods and accessories house in recycled veil.

Come and meet us to compose your bag, luggage or custom decoration accessory.

You can also, by appointment, go to the workshop to meet the seams, see our materials, our colors available, and the possibilities of adjustment.